Of me

I just turned 40. Here, I said it. And, as I’ll probably never update this page again, I’ll stay 40 forever.

I have a day job as an engineer in a team that tries to find new and better ways to harness and understand light. If you think the last sentence was complicated, you should see some of the measurement algorithms that I have to implement.

I did sports since I knew I existed and still can’t imagine my life without it. I played competitively and for fun. I won a lot and lost at least as much. Learning how to lose is pretty important when you are in your late thirties, trying to compete against 20-year olds.

I love traveling, especially to places where there aren’t too many people. Unfortunately, these are at a premium today.

I love eating. And I love cooking. But I love eating more. True story: Once, after ordering and downing dish after dish,  I was challenged by a Bavarian waitress, claiming that she will manage to still my hunger. “Dich kriege ich satt!” were the exact words. In the end, she won.

I am a Croatian guy, who is married to a Spanish woman, who lives in Germany and who works for an American company. So, I’m a foreigner everywhere.

There is plenty more about me, all of it equally unimportant as the stuff I already wrote. Probably the best way to get to know me is to read the articles posted here, as some of them are quite personal. Or, if you want to know anything specific and you are not from IRS, drop me a note.

My wife, Adriatic sea, and the walls of the village of Lubenice (winter pop. 11) on island Cres. Not featured and to the right of the picture, the best lamb Peka (like Dutch oven, only Croatian and much better) you will find anywhere.

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