Of photography

I know that everyone thinks (s)he is a photographer today.

In many ways, I am not different, as I have no formal education in photography. I was lucky enough to have Pavao Cajzek, a close family friend,  be the one to introduce me to the the world of still images when I was a small kid.

I am not a big studio photographer, although I do like an occasional composition of artificial light. To me, the photography is mostly about being there, finding the angle and pressing the shutter. It is a very simple approach and it probably fails to explain why do I, then, have a huge cabinet full of cameras and lenses.

A perfect example of “being there” are some of the skiing photographs you might see on this site. There was not much more than pure reaction needed to shoot them, but in order to be there, I had to ski down some of the most difficult slopes in the world, skiing with more than 30 pounds of equipment on me, on artificially made ice, then switching to crampons and standing for a few hours in freezing temperatures, only to shoot in the right moment when the skiers came down flying with speeds of close to 100 mph.



Yes, all the photographs in the rotating banner are mine. No, they can not be used without my permission. And, yes, they were too dear to me to destroy them with watermarks, so I guess you technically can use them. But you really shouldn’t.

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