Glad you dropped by. Seriously.

What you are looking at is a mixture of a personal archive for works published on various outlets and what just might turn out to be yet another blog. I hope it will.

In the meanwhile, feel free to go through the archived articles. If you care for baseball statistical analysis, there is plenty of that, highlighted by the study I did for The Hardball Times on how efficient the catchers are when blocking pitches in the dirt. If you like baseball, yet couldn’t care less for the numbers, you might enjoy a cool story about Jeff Francoeur or a thorough interview with Mike Piazza.

If you, like me, think that sports is about more than just winning and losing, then the story of Moshi Ants might be for you. Or the one about the right to play.

If you speak Croatian (and really, how about dropping everything else you are doing for a few minutes and finally learning it?), you’ll find a lot of the columns that I wrote for Sportnet here.

You always wanted to sail into Antarctica or run with the bulls in Pamplona? Perfect. Get your starter-kit info here and here, respectively. Or, if you prefer the more quiet kind of travel, grab your Croatian dictionary and learn about the fascinating Basque Country.

One can not talk about Basque Country without immediately thinking about great food. At least I can’t. So, in the first of what will be many recipes to come, learn about Sarma, the dish the Croatians can not imagine a winter without.

And, finally, here is the more personal alternative to clicking on the info page about the author on the right sidebar. Just, you know, don’t count the graphs.

I hope you’ll stick around. I even got on twitter(@wooden_feather) to be able to tell you when there is something new around here. Any comments, questions or similar stuff – either right here, or drop me a note.


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