Of six bulls and an idiot

First thing that crossed my mind was that I was an idiot. Honestly, how else can you describe a man whose alarm clock starts shouting at five in the morning. On a vacation.


Outfield assist of another kind

In a sense, there has been an air of spring training atmosphere around September baseball in Oakland for a while now. Only without the hope part.

The weather is great. The games don’t really decide anything. And not too many watch them to start with.

So, when Jeff Francoeur and his 59-83 Royals rolled into [...]

The unspoiled continent – Part VI – Time to go home

It wasn’t fear.

It was a growing realization that I have made a challenge to something very powerful and that it was going to show up in its best shape. Now the question was – was I up to it?


The unspoiled continent – Part V – The party at the glacier

So, yeah, that whole thing with the Ukrainians was pretty surreal. A pub in Antarctica? Are you kidding me?

I mean, what’s next? Being woken up by a dinghy with a crazy dude in a kilt in it, playing bagpipes and inviting everyone to a party on board British marines’ sailing boat, where I’d meet [...]

The unspoiled continent – Part IV – Ukrainian vodka and Highland fling (nsfw)

There are many things one envisions about Antarctica.

A pub is not one of them.

I thought it was going to be cold and it was. I thought I might see the whales, the seals and the penguins and I did. I thought sailing might be tough and it was going to be. But, it [...]

The unspoiled continent – Part III – In which words (mostly) give way to pictures

Sure, there were specific things that happened and that remain. Like drinking vodka in the southernmost pub of the world, all while being celebrated by Ukrainian scientists because your countryman shot a goal that sent English soccer team home and Russians to the big stage. Or drinking Laphroaig on board UK military expedition boat, while [...]

The unspoiled continent – Part II – The landing

Drake Passage is the body of water separating Cape Horn and Livingston Island. The 500 miles between the two is the shortest distance between Antarctica and any other continent, making it appealing to try to cross there.

Everything but the distance makes it quite unappealing, though.


The unspoiled continent – Part I – The journey to the end of the world

So, there I was, standing at the end of the world.

Of course, there is many a place around the globe that calls itself that and I’ve been to my share of Finisterres, Finistères und Fisterras before.

Yet, this one felt different. That wooden sign in Ushuaia’s port said “Fin del mundo” with authority and [...]

Sarma, Salma’s Tasty Sister

You need: – Fermented cabbage* (One complete head(?)) – Onion (one big one or two smaller ones) – Egg (one or two) – Salt – Pepper – Panceta or similar dry meat (a chunk) – Minced meat (pork and beef mix, about 2 lb) – Red paprika powder (lots, at best the Hungarian one) [...]

O šest bikova i jednom kretenu

Prvo što mi je palo na pamet je da sam kreten. Jer, iskreno rečeno, kako drugačije opisati čovjeka čija budilica dreči u pet ujutro. Na godišnjem odmoru.