Savršeno nesavršena utakmica

Kad je Armando Galarraga te lipanjske noći uzeo lopticu i krenuo na svoje radno mjesto, baseball stadion Detroit Tigersa, bio je samo jedan od mnogih. Dva savršena sata kasnije, između 28-godišnjeg venecuelanskog bacača i ulaska u legendu stajala je još samo jedna, naizgled trivijalna sudačka odluka…


Undefeated and Uninvited – Playing Ball in Land of Crested Cranes

It is a gorgeous day, sunny and warm, the kind where a shade and a lemonade could be your two best friends. The grass of the school yard is sparse, a bit too long and ranges in color from lush green to burnt yellow. The dirt underneath it is dry and just that right shade [...]

Ultimate Showdown of Ultimate DHestiny

Spartacust vs. Godzilla – an ultimate showdown if there ever was one. Of course, I neither think that my analysis can be ultimate anything, nor that Cust or Matsui are the ultimate DHs. The former is simply what we used to have, and the latter what we will probably end up with. If you [...]