Carlos Gonzalez, God On The Mountain?


Life Is Easy, When You’re Up On The Mountain And You’ve Got Peace Of Mind Like You’ve Never Known But Then Things Change And You’re Down In The Valley Don’t Lose Hope For You’re Never Alone

(The McKameys, God On The Mountain)


Four graphs and a story

I was eight years old the first time I searched for truth. The man in the dark suit taught me how to do it.*

* Yes, I obviously love Paul Auster

The man in the dark suit was my father and the impeccable clothing was as much an integral part of his persona as was [...]

Spin Doctors

Once the ball leaves the hand of a pitcher there is nothing he can do but hope. There are four components that determine what the ball’s trajectory and speed will look like – two of them have to do with the pitcher himself (velocity and the spin) and the other two are environmental (gravity and [...]