Oakland Gets Married For 23 Strikes In Two Days In Boston.

Croatia is a land of many proverbs and strange expressions. I think my favorite one is that it’s easy to hit the nettles with somebody else’s dick. I use this one a lot when guys from our marketing department promise to our customers that we will develop a new laser in two weeks. The marketing people have different sense of humor, I guess, as they rarely find it amusing.

When you lend someone 20 bucks and you never get them back, Croatians will say that the borrower married you for 20 bucks. You can also get married* at a used car lot, playing poker and such.

* There are three different verbs for getting married in Croatian. One is from the point of view of the groom, one from a point of view of the bride, and one neutral one. The one that is used as a synonym for traitorous loss is getting married from a guy’s point of view.

Anyway, Pitch FX data shows that the A’s had a pretty nice wedding in Boston.

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