Ladies and Gentelmen, Meet Your 2010… Moshi Ants!

Playing sports, be it competitive or the way the Pirates go about it, is a privilege we all take for granted. A Saturday morning in a softball beer league, a pick-up basketball game, a quick jog along the Bay in early April or a slow afternoon in Coliseum in late August. Your kids’ soccer league. Golf, bowling, hell, even Wii…

But, only – it’s not. For a huge number of  kids, to have the time, the resources and the circumstances to engage in any sports activity whatsoever is a dream as distant as hitting a walk-off home run in the Bigs is for their peers around here. Being deprived of possibility to play is by far not the biggest misfortune a child can face. Still, it is one, and a big one. So, no matter how insignificantly small a difference one little idea can make, when climbing Kilimanjaro brewed from an August thought and over September pub talk into October certainty, and when I realized that my hiking boots will take me to the place where a hard day’s wage would not even get you a soda in a MLB stadium, I decided to try to give something back. One of the many doors I knocked on looking for help was the AN one and the plea didn’t go unanswered. So, I’m holding my end of the bargain – this is the story of Moshi Ants.

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