A’s 2010 Lineup, HR vs 2B and The Crosby Effect

Apart from being the only result a Google search for words “Crosby”, “2B” and “HR” will ever retrieve — feeling lucky or not — this FanPost will try to further analyze two very interesting ideas voiced recently. One is that doubles might be the undervalued commodity and the other that a lineup without home run hitters can not survive one “black hole of suck” in it.

To analyze both the HR vs 2B and Crosby Effect, I needed some sort of game simulation tool, so I wrote one today. While certainly far from perfect, I was both very pleased with the results and entertained while testing. Especially Play by Play reporting in a Single Game Mode (which I needed to make sure everything is happening within plausible boundaries) made me chuckle more than once. With Rajai Davis batting, Rajai Davis steals second was the first result of implementing base stealing. Talk about fast.

I have done all the testing with something resembling one of the possible A’s lineups for the beginning of 2010. All the “ZOMG!! How can you have him batting in front of the other guy” are naturally welcome. OK, let’s jump and get some boring technical details out of the way.

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