This message is brought to you by Curtis Granderson

Yes, there are too many left-handed pitchers in baseball.

Depending on whom you ask, there are anywhere between 7 and 12 per cent of left-handed people on Earth. If you ask Curtis, he will be quick to educate you that in ancient Mesopotamia left hand was used as a metaphor for misfortune, natural evil, or punishment from the gods. And then he will point at Jamie Moyer and let you do the math.

Italians call a lefty “maldestro” – a bad right-hander. Swedish go even further, using their word for left-hander (vänster, don’t try pronouncing this at home) as a root for term vänsterprassel, meaning cheating, infidelity, adultery. There is hardly a language without a more or less derogative expression for the minority handedness and there is hardly a sport these oppressed creatures call home more often than baseball.

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