PxP: In the Zone

How would you describe “being in the zone”?

And answers like anything but being named Rory on any given Sunday don’t count.

There are these moments in life where everything just seems to go right, where one has the complete and utter control over everything around him, where your knotted dirty socks leave the hand [...]

Čovjek koji nije znao odustati

Koliko puta ste nakon utakmice ili sezone čuli sportaše kako kažu: “Nije se moglo”? Rukometaši nisu mogli zbog sudaca, nogometaši zbog blatnog terena, košarkaši zbog niskih plaća, atletičari zbog jakog vjetra, jedriličari zbog preslabog. “Mi smo pokušali sve, dali apsolutno sve od sebe. Ali, jednostavno nije išlo.”

Ne samo sportaši, svi mi. Smršavili bismo, [...]

Vepar devetobojac

Za razliku od svojih vršnjaka, mali Vincent Edward nije sanjao o karijeri u NFL-u ili MLB-u. Ne, on je želio biti pilot, provodeći spora poslijepodneva svog djetinjstva pod vrućim suncem Alabame, gledajući zrakoplove kako slijeću i polijeću s obližnje zračne luke. Za razliku od svojih vršnjaka, on je postao zvijezda. I u NFL-u i [...]

Stathead’s lament – Top 10 things about baseball I can’t appreciate

Statheads live in their mother’s basements. Everybody knows that. They firmly believe that games are played exclusively on paper and while they happily discuss the stadium issues, they are a little puzzled that a “stadium” is needed in the first place. For them, the game is a new math* contest between robots. To sum it [...]

Savršeno nesavršena utakmica

Kad je Armando Galarraga te lipanjske noći uzeo lopticu i krenuo na svoje radno mjesto, baseball stadion Detroit Tigersa, bio je samo jedan od mnogih. Dva savršena sata kasnije, između 28-godišnjeg venecuelanskog bacača i ulaska u legendu stajala je još samo jedna, naizgled trivijalna sudačka odluka…


Ultimate Showdown of Ultimate DHestiny

Spartacust vs. Godzilla – an ultimate showdown if there ever was one. Of course, I neither think that my analysis can be ultimate anything, nor that Cust or Matsui are the ultimate DHs. The former is simply what we used to have, and the latter what we will probably end up with. If you [...]

Right To Play

This is not a story about Oakland Athletics. It is not even a story about baseball. This is a story of three people you have probably never heard about, whose lives are interlaced in a most improbable manner and who, each one in his own way, give hope. It’s an opportunity to say thank you [...]

PxP: The B-Word

Dickey Pearce was, by all accounts, a man of short stature and strong will. He was also possibly baseball’s first professional player.

He played his first game with Brooklyn Atlantics on September 18th, 1856 and he died exactly 52 years later in Wareham, Massachusetts, spending the most of the time in between these dates playing [...]

PxP: This Time It’s Count

It was June, and things weren’t looking good for the Diamondbacks. Already 15 games behind the surprise Padres, they just dropped an inter-divisional series at home. Against their natural geographical nemesis – the Yankees. And they had only one day to regroup as they took their 28-45 record on the road to face yet another [...]

PxP: 9th Inning, When Managers Rise To Shine

Being a baseball manager is rather exciting compared to what most other 70-year olds get to spend their afternoons doing, but it’s still rather boring. There just isn’t that much to do.

In basketball you can call a timeout and scream at the bunch of seven-footers. You have your own little Etch-A-Sketch pad. You can [...]