Of growing up to be a child again

I was still a teenager when the men in uniform first came to kill me, and when I search for the moment in my life when I ceased to be a child, this is the one I keep returning to.

I had already been away from my home and my family for two years then, [...]

A baseball player’s day at the golf club

It was supposed to be a Sunday spent accompanying our friends and their kids to a Jurassic fossil excavation pit. I know. But, the friends are nice and one of their kids is actually our Godchild, so you do those things from time to time. And it was indeed a Sunday spent accompanying our friends [...]

Forty Hours Life Detour

I once spent about 40 hours at an airport. It was in Buenos Aires in 2008 and there was some strike going on, the details of which are still not clear to me and were probably never fully clear to anyone. I was able to check in and actually made it to the boarding area, [...]

Don’t send the bread tomorrow

The last time I saw my elementary school is already a few years back. I remember thinking how everything seemed smaller than it did three and a half decades ago, when I walked into it for the first time, carrying a healthy dose of pride, a heavy backpack filled with future knowledge, and brand new [...]

Udaj se i budi poslušna

Možda su to bili brkovi. Možda pogled. Onaj pogled kojim je Clark Gable zavodio sve što se zavesti dalo, i pred kamerama i daleko od njih. U Mogambu — John Fordovom klasiku iz 1953. — taj pogled, upotpunjen cjelovitom muževnošću afričkog avanturista, donijeo mu je i Avu Gardner i Grace Kelly. U jednom filmu i [...]

Guns don’t kill people, innumeracy does

I was presented a paper by a staunch gun rights activist yesterday, a study if you will. In it, he said, are the numbers that support his views and his views are that a world is a better place when people legally own guns. Lots of them.

Now, I don’t care much about guns, I [...]

SKANDAL! U hrvatskim ugostiteljskim školama uče mlade pripremati škampe na buzaru!

Moj cijenjeni kolega, vrhunski novinar i općenito vrlo inteligentan čovjek, nedavno se uključio u debatu koja muči Hrvate – planiranom uvođenju zdravstvenog odgoja u hrvatske škole. Priznajem da originalan tekst planiranog kurikuluma nisam pročitao, ali očito mnogi jesu, što se da zaključiti iz burne diskusije koja je uslijedila – sigurno nitko ne bi napadao ili [...]

God, the Others and James Geier

When I was about eight, I was made to audition for a school choir, just as everyone else in my class. The difference was that, unlike other kids, I was told to “leave the room and go play football or something” prior to making it to the the third word of the revolutionary evergreen “Through [...]

Što donosi skijaško sutra?

Ne tako davno, sport je pripadao sportašima. Tradicija, sportski duh, traženje najboljeg među najboljima – sve je to bila bit koja je vukla natjecatelje u vječnu borbu protiv još jedne sekunde, metra ili kilograma. Danas? Danas smo gazde mi – vi i ja – svaki sa svojim daljinskim upravljačem, a sportaši su svedeni na [...]


Glad you dropped by. Seriously.

What you are looking at is a mixture of a personal archive for works published on various outlets and what just might turn out to be yet another blog. I hope it will.

In the meanwhile, feel free to go through the archived articles. If you care for baseball statistical [...]